Paper Mice

There was leftover grey paper out after Trevor finished his bunny Valentines, so we used it to make some cute mice.  

Materials: grey paper, pink paper, scissors, glue, white yarn, googly eye, black pen

Fold the grey paper in half.  Draw a slightly flattened semi-circle along the folded edge, then cut.  Save the scraps- you'll use them for the ears.

Open up the cut out shape.  Glue a piece of yarn along the fold line.  Cut two ears from the grey scrap and set one aside.  Cut a slightly smaller pink inner ear and glue to one of the grey ears.  Glue that ear inside the opened up shape. 

Put glue over the entire shape, then refold along the fold line and press to seal.

Glue the second ear to the front of the shape.  Add a googly eyeball.  Use the black pen to draw a nose and whiskers.  My finished mouse is the one at the top of the post.  Here is Trevor's. 

Quick, easy and super cute!


  1. So fun, Cindy! Yes, they look absolutely adorable and the best part is that they are quick and easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute and fun!! Happy Valentines Day! xo Evie

  3. You two indulge in the most fun things! This is adorable!

  4. totally sweet ... I am going to have to copy this! love it! :)

  5. You have the best ideas. I should do this one with Cory. He is practicing with scissors and shapes.

  6. Cory had to bring something that started with an M for show and tell today at preschool. He was going to bring Marshmallows but then I showed him your post and he wanted to make a mouse. And he did. Thanks for the cute idea. It was perfect. FYI, we are working on N next week if you nave a crafty idea for that! :)

    1. Awesome! Hmm.... N is tough. I know I have an owl and a penguin, but nothing with N except napkin rings.


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