Kidding Around

Last summer, Trevor participated in Candice Stringham's online Summer Photography Camp for Kids.  Each day, there was a lesson and an assignment to practice the day's skill.  The children uploaded their photographs to an online gallery and left comments for each other.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I loved it, Trevor loved it, and we both learned a lot from the class.

A few months ago, I contacted Candice to see if there would be a Part 2 to this camp.  Alas, no. While the same camp would be repeated this year, there would not be a new version for returners.  As much as we loved last year's camp, it didn't make sense to repeat the same exact class, so I went hunting for a different online class for Trevor to take.

I found a class by Tami Morrison called Kidding Around that sounded great.  The children would receive prompts to do 20 activities, each of which would be recorded in a mixed-media art journal.  Fun!  By happy coincidence, the incredibly generous Karen Poirier-Brode had recently given me a gift certificate for $25 at Big Picture Classes and this class cost exactly $25.  I signed Trevor up.

When I took Trevor to pick out his journal, I decided to get one for myself and to play along with all the assignments.  Trevor loved that idea.  "Our" first assignment was to complete an All About Me page.  Tami introduced a variety of media via video and showed the way you can decorate a page with simple doodles and highlighted words.  Here's Trevor's first page:     

I absolutely love that something that makes him happy is 'makeing crafts' and something that makes him sad is 'getting dirty.'  Yep, that's Trevor, all right!  I also love that when he grows up he wants to be a Daddy.  

Here's my page.  

Something that makes me happy is watching Trevor learn and grow.  Something that makes me sad is poor parenting.  When I grow up, I want to be just what I am - a Mommy, a wife, and a crafter.

Tomorrow I'll share Day 2 of Kidding Around, where we made our own ice cream.  


  1. Very cool!!! can't wait to see what you both create for these classes! Sounds like a ton of fun!!!

  2. Very cool and a nice complement to your latest closet discovery!

  3. What a great way to keep the brain active and creative juices flowing during the summer!

  4. So awesome!! What a great summer project!! Bummer about the photography class not updating for returning students.... looks like you found a really fun alternative project though! :)

  5. This is such a great idea for the summer! :)

  6. That class sounds super fun! Looking forward to seeing what else you do together.

  7. Just wanted to pop in to say how much I enjoyed this whole series that you and Trevor did. Love that you did it with him. Great idea. Every time I read your blog, I come away with the same warm feeling: that you are such a good mom!


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