Favorite Colors

The assignment for Day 3 of Kidding Around was to gather up a wide variety of art materials in your favorite color and create.  Trevor started by writing the word blue in pen, then thought of things that could be blue for each letter of the word blue (bat, lollipop, umbrella, easter egg). He chalked the page with two different shades of blue, then filled in the letter e with blue sequins.  He added larger sequins and blue feathers.  Finally, he outlined the letters b, l and u with three different shades of blue Stickles.  On the facing page, he listed other things that are blue.

I don't really have a favorite color.  When pressed, I usually say green or blue.  Trevor encouraged me to select green, since he'd already claimed blue as his favorite color.  So I did.  I wrote the word green in pen, then chalked the page with 4 different greens.  I used sequins and feathers to make a heart and arrow around the word, then used one shade of Stickles to fill in the word. 

I used the facing page to write about not having a favorite color, some of the colors I like most and least, and how my 'favorite' will change depending on context.  At the bottom of the page, I used crayons to show some of my favorite color combinations.  Anyone recognize my ultra-trendy wedding colors?   ;)
This was a lot of fun.  I'm so glad that I'm playing along with Trevor's assignments!


  1. So fun!! LOVING the way Trevor's title turned out!!

  2. That is so cool! :) I was just turned onto pink & orange together ... I really like it!

  3. You have the best ideas. That Trevor is so creative!

  4. Green is my favorite color and I just love the sequined heart. The two of you are doing an amazing job with these prompts!

  5. Your little man is very decisive...and his turned out very awesome.
    Love your heart of sequins and the cool touch with the feather. You guys always have so much fun being creative!

  6. How fun!!! Trevor is very creative -- looks like you are really enjoying your class!!! :)


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