Some Stuff has Changed in 34 Years...

Each time I visit my parents' house, I spend a little while excavating stuff from my childhood closet.  I've shown you some of the artwork I've found.  Today, I'm sharing a book.  When I was the age Trevor is now (7), I had one of those "All About Me" style books where you fill in the answers to questions.  Most of the questions were things like where I live, who is in my family, what pets we have, and what I look like.  Nothing terribly surprising in there.  What interested me the most were the opinion pages.  Of those, there were two in particular.  Check out this page about color:

Under the directions "Color these squares the colors that you like" I colored in red, yellow and purple.  Under the directions "Color these circles the colors that you don't like" I colored in brown, blue, and green.  Fascinating!  At 41, my favorite colors are blue, green and brown, the very colors I disliked at age 7.  I still like yellow, but I don't really like red or purple all that much.  While I remember disliking brown as a kid, I don't remember ever disliking blue or green.  Or liking purple.   

Here's a page about foods and games.

In 1979, I said that I don't like to eat pepper, salt, broccoli, 'tamtoes' or 'poetatoes.'  I'm shocked that I would ever have said I didn't like tomatoes or potatoes.  What about the foods that I remember REALLY disliking as a kid (and still do), like all types of seafood?!  I must have left it off the list back then because of my long-held philosophy that humans should not eat water creatures.  

I'm not too surprised by the foods I liked: spaghetti and candy (all 'deserts').  I still like both spaghetti and candy A LOT.  I've learned how to spell desserts correctly, and I like them a lot too.

At 7, liked playing Clue and Monopoly, while I did not like Candy Land or 'curious geoge.'  I don't remember a Curious George game - it must have been one my younger sister owned and made me play with her.  Reading through this makes me realize that Trevor has never played Monopoly, a childhood staple for me.  He's always been so interested in word games like Scrabble or Boggle, or puzzle/strategy games like Blokus or Rummikub that we haven't introduced a classic like Monopoly.  Time to change that.


  1. What a treasure to find this and to see how your tastes have changed! LOVE IT!!!

  2. How funny that your tastes have flipped!! :) I hope Trevor loves Monopoly -- it was always my favorite!! I bet the have a bunny version out there somewhere too!

  3. I love that you were able to go back and see how much your tastes have changed. Super fun post Cindy!

  4. This is awesome!!! I wish my parents would've kept things like this from my childhood. I do have a Father's Day card that I made in school with a poem I wrote that was hysterical. It mentioned that I loved my dad even though he had stinky feet!! LOL!!


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