Chef for a Day

Last week, Trevor's Cub Scout homework was to do the meal planning, preparation and clean-up for a day.  Of course, when you assign a 7-year old a job like that, you are assigning the parents an even bigger job - supervising it all.  

As soon as he woke up, Trevor gathered up all his cookbooks and started his planning.  I sat back with the camera.

He selected his entrees and sides, put them all on his homework sheet, and then made a grocery list.  

Did you notice Trouble in the background?  I just missed getting an adorable 
picture of Trouble sitting next to Trevor, "reading" what he was writing. 

On his menu for breakfast: Cheerios with milk, and Orange Juice Mocktails.

Orange Juice Mocktail is our family's special occasion drink.  To make it, fill a glass 2/3 full of orange juice.  Then pour in 7-Up until the glass is almost full.  

Add about a tablespoon of grenadine.


Next, we headed to the grocery store.  I didn't think to take pictures, which I regret.  It was cute seeing Trevor selecting items, checking prices, and trying to make good choices.

For lunch, Trevor prepared peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, and two kinds of fruit. Trevor has very little knife experience.  He struggled spreading peanut butter and jelly, which was an eye-opener for me.  I hadn't really realized that I always do it for him.  (That will be changing.)  He'd never used a sharp knife to cut wiggly, juicy fruit and was very nervous to try.  I was nervous about stepping back and taking pictures, but he did the job perfectly.   

For dinner, Trevor chose to make Crispy Chicken Strips, steamed broccoli, and two fruits (different than the two for lunch!).  Trevor has a fair amount of cooking experience, but he had never worked with raw chicken, so we spent quite a bit of time talking about how to avoid cross-contamination.  Here he is, ready to get started.

He did an excellent job getting the chicken strips ready, but was too scared to put the pan in the oven himself.  So I did that part.  He was also very nervous about turning on the gas stove to steam the broccoli, but he did eventually conquer his fear and turn it on.  

Here's the chef with the dinner he made:

Wolf Achievement #8 b, c, and d complete!


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for Trevor!! That's awesome!!! His meals sound delish!! :)

    And PS ... you are right ... I use Paint and Mists on the canvasses I make (no gesso though) ... but that's as messy as I get!! LOL!!!

  2. That is awesome!!! :) Have you been watching the Rachel vs Guy Kid Cooks show? It's wonderful!! The youngest competitor is 10, and he's adorable. I am so impressed with all the young kids, their kitchen and knife skills, and their knowledge of food. They are all leaps and bounds ahead of me in the kitchen (not that I'm that great, but I try). I'll be looking for Trevor on next season!! :)

    1. No, we haven't watched it. We'll have to check it out!

  3. "Did you notice Trouble ... sitting next to Trevor, "reading" what he was writing. "

    Bet he was simply waiting to snack on that tasty pencil!

  4. Awesome!!! Trevor made some really tasty choices.... now I'm hungry. Love that he did it all himself!! :)

  5. I love that he could do the menu planning by himself. And kudos for conquering his fears. You've raised an amazing kid Cindy. It speaks volumes of your parenting.

  6. Yay, Trevor! He did an excellent job making nutritious meal selections!
    I love the pictures of his researching and planning! Especially his serious facial expressions!
    And I am so going to try that Orange Juice Mocktail!

  7. Trevor; wow, congratulations on being Chef for a whole day and such good meals. Cooking is such a wonderful skill to learn.

  8. He did a great job. That was a big accomplishment to be the chef for the whole day. I love that he planned - and carried it out - all himself, conquering a few fears along the way. :)


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