Teacher Gifts

Last year, Trevor made a beautiful beaded bracelet for his beloved first grade teacher as a year-end gift. He chose her favorite colors and created a pattern he thought she would like. She did.

This year, I asked Trevor what he wanted to give to his second grade teacher as a year-end gift. Not surprisingly, he chose to make her a bracelet too. And then he said that he wanted to make one for his Sunday School teacher too. I thought that was an excellent idea. We headed to our favorite bead store, Beads on Main. Not only do they have a great selection, but everyone who works there has been absolutely wonderful about helping Trevor make projects himself (rather than doing it for him). I imagine that 7-year old boys are not their primary customers, yet based on their patience and professionalism you'd never know it.

Trevor scanned all the beads and almost immediately selected a conical marbled teal bead that he loved. He thought it would be perfect for Mrs. Rosenthal's bracelet. He chose a square lava rock bead next, because lava was something they'd discussed in class. Finally, he added some silver spacer beads. He spread them out on the work mat, then strung them. I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of Trevor hard at work.  

Here's the finished bracelet: 

Next, Trevor chose beads for his Sunday School teacher, Miss Ann. He decided on a red/black pattern with the same spacers as he'd used for the previous bracelet.

Here are the two bracelets side-by-side. I love them both and am so proud of Trevor for putting the time into making such thoughtful and beautiful gifts for two amazing women who have been instrumental in helping him learn and grow this year.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Rosenthal and Miss Ann for everything!


  1. Those are gorgeous! He did an amazing job!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous bracelets! Trevor has an eye for design.

  3. Those are both beautiful, and Trevor is such a thoughtful young man! :)

  4. They look amazing! Love that Trevor gave them thoughtful gifts.

  5. Very pretty bracelets!! What a great gift :)


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