The Cursive Project: Octopus

For Letter O of The Cursive Project, Trevor chose to make an octopus. I'd thought we'd made an octopus before, so I checked back through my handy list of Kids Crafts from A-Z to be sure we hadn't. Nothing there. I had a nagging feeling we'd made an octopus... and then I remembered. We made an octopus craft that failed. I didn't link to it since the purpose of the page is to list crafts that actually turn out correctly. One of these days, we should try the Jello octopus again and see if we can make it work...

Anyway, once I'd determined that we hadn't done a successful octopus before, we were ready for Letter O. I had a project in mind, but Trevor announced that he would be planning the day's craft. He scurried off and returned with white lunch sacks, blue copy paper, crayons, scissors, tape and glue.

He passed out materials and gave me instructions. First, I needed to use a pink or purple crayon to color the side of the paper bag without the flap. When I finished coloring, he showed me that I needed to cut the paper bag across the middle, then cut eight legs from the colored scraps.

Next, we used the white side of the scraps to make eyes, added a black smile, opened the bag, and taped the legs in place. We glued the completed octopus to the blue paper.

It's an octopus puppet, with an ocean background! Here's the craft designer putting on a puppet show.

Here's a closer look at Trevor's octopus:

Here's my octopus puppet:

I love when Trevor plans crafts for me. He always comes up with things I never would have dreamed up.


  1. That is sooooooooo awesome that he planned the craft!!! They turned out fabulous!!!!!!!

  2. That is so cute and clever! Love that he thought to include an ocean BG!


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