The Cursive Project: Yawn + Yak

For Letter Y of The Cursive Project, Trevor wanted to make a yak. Like I've mentioned before, I've had his completed list for the whole month, giving me lots of time (in theory) to dream up each craft. Yet, when we reached yak, I was still completely uninspired. I decided to think up a 'yawn' craft and suggest it to Trevor.

With Trevor watching, I cut out the following pieces from tan, yellow, black and red cardstock.

I glued them all together to make this yawning guy. I really like him (although I yawned the whole time I was making it, during the scanning and editing, and while writing this post). 

Trevor was not into making his own version, as he was determined to make a yak. He went through my cardstock scraps, pulled out a bunch of browns, and glued them to a white background. Then he turned it over and drew a yak on the back. He drew a separate head so that he could pop it up. He cut the pieces out and ended up with this cool yak.

Although we used different techniques from each other on other letters, this was the only time during The Cursive Project that we made totally different items for a particular letter. One final letter and we're done!


  1. Ok ... and then I yawned looking at the yawning craft!!!! LOL!! Or maybe cause I read that you were yawning and it really IS THAT contagious! LOL!! I loveeeeee both your takes on "Y"!!! His Yak is pretty AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  2. This is funny!! I really like the yawning guy ... if he had googly eyes, it could look like he was yelling for his favorite sports team though! :) Trevor is so creative! I would have to look up what a yak looked like and study it pretty hard, just to draw one out even a tiny bit as good as his! :)

    1. He had to look it up and study it to draw it too. :)

  3. You two are so creative. Love both versions!

  4. Love them. Glad there are 2 different versions. :)


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