An Amazing Photo

Every once in a while, I take an amazing photo. By amazing, I don't mean an award-winning, technically-perfect photo. I mean a photo that perfectly captures a moment, a mood, or an emotion. I took a picture like that last October. Trevor had a day off school, so he and I headed to the pumpkin patch a few towns over right when they opened, hoping to beat the crowds and play in their huge corn bath without a ton of other people. We definitely beat the crowds; it turned out none of the surrounding school districts had the day off and we literally had the entire place to ourselves. We ran and chased, buried each other, and leaped off the hay bales and into the corn, with no worries of kids in our way or people to avoid. We had a blast. 

My amazing photo caught Trevor mid-air. It showed how empty the place was and how much fun we had. But when I went to scrap that picture, I decided not to tell the story of having the place to ourselves. Instead, I just started writing about a side of Trevor that I don't see very often, a side that takes risks and jumps right in, a side that isn't always cautious and holding back. I wasn't thinking that when we were at the pumpkin patch. It was the photo that made me see that Trevor is starting to take some risks and isn't quite as cautious as he used to be. 

Like I said, an amazing photo.


  1. Beyond amazing! That's an awesome picture!

  2. I love it!! It's like the moment when you realize your kids are growing up ... my SIL was just going through this with one of her boys this weekend. To all of us, he's still a baby - but to the world, he's a young man. I LOVE the textured cardstock you chose, with the subtle inking and the perfect colors with that bright blue right in the center. AMAZING is right!! :)


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