The Cursive Project: Xylophone

There aren't too many crafts that start with X. We've already done an x-ray craft in the past, so we were pretty much limited to a xylophone for Letter X of The Cursive Project. Just like with the ukulele, we have an actual xylophone. For some reason, we store the xylophone (and the rest of our kid musical instruments) in a snake basket.

We decided to make a different style of xylophone from the traditional wooden one we own. We pulled out the mallets, then gathered 6 of the empty Snapple Jelly Belly jars, and some food color.

Trevor filled each of the 6 jars with a different amount of water.

Then he added food color to make a rainbow.

We lined up the jars on several layers of felt. 

They worked ok upright, but they worked even better when we laid them on their side. They had a really cool wooden tone to them. Trevor had a lot of fun composing.

Two more crafts to go before we reach the end of The Cursive Project!


  1. What an awesome idea! I loveeeeeeee it!!!!!!!

  2. Love the addition of those rainbow colours. What a fun project!

  3. love it it was so fun for me and my kid kyle loved it


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