The Cursive Project: Seahorse

Letter S of The Cursive Project is Seahorse. My mind immediately went to the beautiful book Mister Seahorse, by my all-time favorite illustrator, Eric Carle. I wanted to create a whimsical, colorful, graphic seahorse. I drew a seahorse on watercolor paper using a black Sharpie...

... then used crayons and my beloved warming tray to color my seahorse.

Meanwhile, Trevor announced that he had a different idea for his seahorse. He went through my patterned paper scraps and started cutting long strips. He attached them to a white background.

He turned the paper over, drew a seahorse, and then cut it out.

He added a googly eye and then he was done.

I watered down some blue paint and brushed it over my seahorse. I used a Kleenex to blot the wet paint off the waxy crayon areas.

Here is my finished seahorse:

This is Trevor's.

What do you think? Which technique do you prefer?

Trevor and I talked about making a second set of seahorses using each other's techniques, but we were running out of time before Trevor's baseball game. So instead, we decided that we would swap techniques for the Letter T craft. I'll share those tomorrow.


  1. These are both fabulous! I am loving how he used the strips to make his!!!!!

  2. What?! No shark to go w/ "Shark Week"?! ;o)
    I love them both! I love that they're different but still so colorful and fun!

    1. We've done sharks before, so I would have removed it from his list if he'd put it there! Plus, we did this back in July long before I knew I'd be running the post during Shark Week. :)

  3. This is adorable! I actually really like them both! :)

  4. Hehe...so cute! They both look awesome!


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