In Sympathy

This week, I had to unexpectedly make and send a sympathy card. My friend Colleen's mom, Barbara, passed away after a decades-long battle with extremely debilitating multiple sclerosis. Barbara was a big part of my life when I was young. She was my first 4-H leader. She is the one who introduced me to most of the crafts I do today. She taught my first breadbaking class, as well as stitchery, stenciling, miniatures, and many more. Barbara was a talented artist and cook who loved to share her interests. I spent many, many happy hours in her kitchen cooking, crafting and creating, long after the 4-H classes ended. Barbara was infinitely patient, extremely generous, and incredibly kind. It was heartbreaking to watch her MS develop to the point that she couldn't do the things she loved the most. Yet amazingly, she never lost her positive outlook nor her faith. She was, in a word, special. She will be missed by many.

Here is the card I made for the family:

As always, I agonized over what images and what words could possibly bring comfort. Sympathy cards never get easier for me. My condolences to the entire Foudy family and all who loved her.


  1. So sorry for their loss .. your card is just beautiful!!!

  2. Glad you had such a positive influence on your life. So sorry for your loss. Your card is lovely. Big hugs!

  3. ((hugs)) to you, and so sorry for your loss. She sounds like an incredible woman, who will surely be missed. Your card is gorgeous, always terrible to make for these occasions.

  4. Awww...I'm so sorry! :0(
    You created a very beautiful card though!

  5. Sympathy cards are always the hardest ones to make :( so sorry for your loss


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