CD Clowns

Ready for another CD craft? Once I started thinking about what to do with old CDs, the ideas kept coming and coming. Today, I'm sharing clowns. 

Materials: old CD, white gesso, paint, googly eyes, pom poms, and ribbon or yarn. 

Begin by putting a coat of gesso on the CD and letting it dry. Go over it with white paint if the coverage isn't complete. Paint a face onto the clown. Anything goes! Glue a pom pom nose over the hole in the center of the CD, then add googly eyes. Finally, add hair. Curling ribbon is a fun option, but you can experiment with raffia, yarn, or any other materials. 

Here's my clown. 

Steve and Trevor each made a clown the next day. This is Trevor's:

This is Steve's:

They're each so different! I can imagine these three clowns working together to come up with a hilarious routine. They each have their own distinct personalities. 


  1. So fun! You really do have tons of ideas! You should put these together in your own book of CD crafts like the rubberband and duct tape books! :)

  2. Your crafts are always so fun! The one with the curly hair is my favorite.

  3. I love the curly hair!! Another awesome project!! :)


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