A 2-Page Problem

I just scanned and uploaded my latest layout, this one about spending the July 4th weekend in Bear Valley. I like how it turned out and how many photos I was able to use without it looking crowded.

However, when I went to put it in the album using my post-it note / scrapping-out-of-order system,  I realized I had a problem. I only had room for a 1 page layout in the designated space, not a 2-pager. My post-it notes rarely fail me. But in this case, I'd dedicated two pages to the trip, then ended up making a 1-pager about our visit to Columbia State Historic Park and this 2-pager, for a total of three pages from the same trip. Oops. Because of the configuration of 1- and 2-pagers already in the album, I couldn't just shift things without splitting a 2-pager, which is unacceptable. My tentative plan is to reduce a planned 2-pager down to a 1-pager, which is not ideal. The alternative is to add a page protector and insert a 1-page unplanned layout into the space. That might be a better choice, as I occasionally have 'everyday' types of layouts that don't need to stay within a strict chronology.

As I'm typing this, I'm thinking about my regular readers. Some of you probably totally understand my frustration and get why I can't split a 2-pager or why I can't put things out of chronological order in the album, even though I scrapped them out of order. Others probably think I'm crazy, inventing a problem where there isn't one. And others are probably thinking smugly, "This is why I never scrap out of order!" I won't call out who I think fits in each of those categories, but feel free to let me know in the comments. :)


  1. LOL!!! I love your bottom comment!!! You know I don't scrap in order (EVER!!) ... and I put all my lo's in those plastic bins :) Sorry you had such a hard time filing this one away! I loveeeeeeeee it! LOVING the colors, the photos and the tree!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. I only scrap vacation pictures in order. Everyday stuff goes wherever. Christmas photos go from year to year in the same binder but out of order. So I guess I'm a mix of the two? Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. It's a fabulous two-pager.
    P/s: I would just insert another page protector. No need to feel frustrated. I have pages on display at my LSS or sent out for publication. And most of the time, when I get them back, I realise that I haven't allocated space for them...lol

  4. LOL!! :) First ... I love your layout!! It's gorgeous! I love that tree on the side and ALL those photos!!
    Next ... even though I'm one of those "never scrap out of order" people - I actually have run into this problem myself!! So I know exactly how you feel! No stones thrown from me! :) I always plan 2-pagers, and when I need to go to a new album, the first page is always a single, which I sometimes forget to account for! So those have been made up sporadically from "everyday" type photos, just like you thought of. Good luck!! :)

  5. Nice layout! I recall us having a conversation about how we don't, or hardly ever, scrap Fourth of July layouts w/ Red, White, and Blue!
    Your "problem" is why I only do one pagers or don't place my pages in an album at all...(See Julie's plastic bin comment...she's where I got the idea)!

  6. Super layout. Great mix of photos and you did a great job fitting them all in, as you say, without looking crowded at all. Love that space to breathe on the left with the big tree and journaling.
    That problem would be frustrating. I feel you. I never do 2-pagers so I don't run into that exact issue. While I don't scrap in chronological order, I do put layouts in my albums that way. It mostly works out as long as I am scrapping something from the last 12 months. But if I scrapbook photos that are more than a year old, then I usually don't have a prearranged spot for it in the older album. So, then I have to shuffle things around. :)

  7. I would totally just add another one pager and call it a day ;) lol what did you end up doing?!


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