The Never-Ending Cub Scout Patches

One of the best things about Cub Scouts is that the boys get so many awards, like patches, for participating in activities. One of the worst things about Cub Scouts is that the boys get so many patches. 

The pins and belt loops are not a problem, now that we have a display in place. It only takes a minute to add additional pins and belt loops to the display each month, which includes the time to remove them from the packaging and peel off those annoying cling films. But the patches... ugh. They are a giant pain in the neck to sew and much too difficult for Trevor to do, so the task falls to me. 

I know there are people who glue the patches in place, but I'm a firm believer in sewing them. When we joined Cub Scouts, we didn't expect to be changing Packs, let alone changing districts. I am so glad that I sewed the council patch and Pack numbers on our uniforms instead of gluing them. I was able to remove them without harming the uniform. Since the new council patch is shaped differently than the original, glue stains would have shown. 

I tend to let the patches pile up (literally) for a few months before sewing them onto Trevor's uniform or brag vest. Then I tote them with me to one of Trevor's activities or playdates where I power through them all while chatting with the other parents. It makes an odious task less unpleasant. I got tired of looking at the pile of need-to-be-sewn patches sitting in a messy pile on my desk, so I made this:

As you can see, it holds the patches that need sewing, spools of thread in a variety of colors, and a case of needles. You can't see them in the photo, but my foldable scissors are in there too, along with a thimble. I love that everything I need is in one place, ready to go. I also love that there isn't a teetering pile of patches on my desk anymore.   

I started with one of the plain blue leftover $0.25 pencil cases. I printed a fleur-de-lis, colored it yellow, cut it out, and glued it to the pencil case. It's not going to hold up forever, but that's not a big deal. If the fleur-de-lis comes off in the next 2.5 years of Cub Scouts, I'll just glue another one on, or if I'm feeling especially ambitious, I'll paint one on. In the meantime, I'm happy.


  1. What a great idea!! I loveeeeee this!!!!!!

  2. Fantastic idea, especially for idle hands while you're waiting. I love travel sewing kits for some weird reason. I have a couple from hotel amenities, one from a discount bin at M's, and one from the travel section. I keep one in our already packed bag of toiletries, for trips. Another is handy in my closet for on-the-spot repairs, like a loose button or to snip a thread or tag. And there is one in my desk at work. Always need to be prepared! ;)

  3. You always have the most wonderful ideas, Cindy! LOVE!!!!

  4. That is a great way to use idle time! Glad they are all organised in a bag.

  5. What a great idea! Love how organized you are :)


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