Patriotic Kids' Crafts

I'm continuing my project of organizing all my kids' craft tutorials by holiday and season, with the ultimate goal of creating a separate page on the blog with everything searchable by occasion. Here are my patriotic crafts, suitable for Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Patriot Day, and Veterans Day.

I thought I had more than five tutorials on the site, but apparently not. I've done numerous other patriotic crafts in the past with my students, so I'll have to make a note to add those here. Eventually.


  1. You are so fantastically organized! Thanks for putting it all in one place.

  2. Cindy, what a wonderful idea. I think it will be awesome to be able to come to your blog and find a craft organized by holiday! Thank you so much for this!!! I agree with both Heather and Julie - you are amazing and so fantastically organized!!!!!

  3. So many fun ideas! Awesome that you are taking the time to organize them too :)


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