6 More Months...

Only six more months before the Cub Scout Belt Loop (Academic and Sports) Program will be discontinued. Trevor is continuing to work on earning as many as he can before that deadline. We've already accepted the fact that he will not be able to earn them all. The toughest ones are team sports, especially the ones involving specialized equipment. Hockey, for example. We don't exactly have frozen ponds around here and you can't just show up at an ice rink having ice skated exactly once and participate in a hockey game. 

Here's where Trevor is right now. The blue are the ones he's earned so far during his Bear (3rd grade) year. 

He made this poster for the Pet Care Belt Loop:

This poster is for the Heritages Belt Loop:

Last month, Trevor received his 12th and 13th pins, which no longer fit on the Cub Scout patch he'd been using to display them (which you can see here). I dug around in the craftroom to create a make-shift solution until Trevor can work with my dad to build a proper display. I found a chunk of thin cork, cut it into a rectangle, inked the edges, then put the pins in place. Here's how it looks on the wall:

The back looks pretty ugly. I just glued some tongue depressors on the top and bottom to provide rigidity and stability, then added a sawtooth hanger to the top.

Like I said, this is just a temporary display until Trevor makes a proper one. Stay tuned!


  1. You are so clever and resourceful!! This looks great! :)

  2. This is awesome!!!!!! Trevor is just the best!!!!!

  3. He has definitely earned a lot of them this year. I love they way they're organized. It looks great!


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