CHA Mega Show Report and Hot Products Update

I am having an incredible time here at the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show! My days have been packed from the break of dawn to long past my bedtime with classes, meetings, make-and-takes, get-togethers, and so much more. I've met some incredible people and learned so much. I'm not set up to blog properly from the Convention Center lobby where I'm currently sitting, but I wanted to check in briefly and let you know what blog posts you can look forward to reading in the (hopefully) very-near future.

  • Trendspotting: I've been on the hunt for the latest trends and can't wait to share what I saw!
  • Classes: I'm going to share the best of the tips, hints and tricks I learned from experts about creative blogging, Instagram, finding your ideal social media fit, succeeding as a solopreneur, and more. 
  • On the Hunt for Marsala: It took me six straight hours to do it, but I visited every booth at the show to see if they were showing products featuring Pantone's Color of the Year. The results were very, very interesting.
  • Make and Takes: I can't even begin to guess how many make-and-takes I did during the Mega Show. 30? More? I won't show you them all, but there are some that are just so cool that I have to share.
  • Friends, Old and New: CHA is about connections. Nowadays, we can see products online quite easily and from the comfort of our own homes. The people are what make this show special. I want to introduce you to some of the creative people I met at CHA.
  • Logistics: This is my 2nd visit to CHA, but the circumstances between the two are completely different. I'll be sharing my thoughts about everything you need to know to be successful at CHA (i.e., learning from my mistakes and/or the mistakes of others!)
  • Stuff I Want: The #1 question people ask each other at CHA is, "What have you seen that you love?" I'm looking forward to sharing my list of super cool, must-have items with you.

Before I go, I want to share the results about the Hot Products. I picked 4 of the 8 winners. Not bad, I guess. Huge congratulations to all the winners!

Bead & Jewelry
     Beadalon: Artistic Wire 3d Bracelet Jig

Cake & Food Decorating
     Alumilite: Amazing Remelt

Fabric & Needle
     Fabric Editions: Fabric Elements

     Little B: Little B Petal Packs

     Fox Chapel Publishing: trend books for kids

Paint & Art
     Lumi: Lumi Photo Printing Kit

     Sizzix/Ellison: Sizzix Inksheets

     Hazel & Ruby: DIY Décor Tape


  1. I am looking forward to reading all about it :)

  2. Can't wait to see all your takes on everything!!!!!! How fun!!!!

  3. AWESOME!! I am so excited to read all about your adventure!! I was SOOOOO happy when you posted the Instagram of the Doodlebug booth for me! :) Thank you!!

  4. Awesome, sounds like such an awesome time.

  5. Glad you had fun! :) Can't wait to read more about it!


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