Revisiting the Paper Quilts from the Cursive Project

Trevor and I received the coolest gifts recently from Jonna, Godmother (and Friend) Extraordinaire! Each of us received a soft, cylindrical present that looked a little bit like she'd wrapped a half-used roll of paper towels. We opened them simultaneously, as neither of us wanted our surprise ruined by seeing the other's first. 

Here's what I unwrapped:

And here's Trevor's:

We both recognized them instantly. They are fabric versions of the paper quilts that Trevor and I designed back in August! Here are our paper quilts; read more about them by clicking the link.

Thanks again, Jonna, for such a thoughtful gift! We love them!


  1. What an AWESOME gift!!! So inventive!!!!!!

  2. WOW!!!! This is awesome! I love that she made them into fabric quilts for you -- how fun!!


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