The Rabbits of CHA

I'll be back on Monday to share more from my time at the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show, but in the meantime, let me present....

The Rabbits of CHA!

Love the flowers as cottontails!

Can't go wrong with a cute bunny sticker.

Rabbit brads that are the same color as Trouble?! Yes, please!

Another cute Perler bead rabbit!

I can't decide which rabbit I prefer.

Love the idea of using Wikki Stix to make an egg bunny! 

I really want a Proggy rabbit. But in grey.

The backside of bunnies (just like the backside of water on the Jungle Cruise...)

Everything here is made of yarn. LOVE these rabbits. 

There were many more, especially for Easter- or spring-themed papers or stamp sets. But with as many non-Easter rabbits as I saw, maybe I should have declared rabbits to be a trend!


  1. Aw, these are cute. Love the flower as cottontail too. May have to borrow that idea! The non-Easter rabbits may be a holdover from the Woodland Creatures trend, which I also liked and am happy to see continue.

    1. I think you're right. I should have included Woodland Creatures in my trends wrap-up, as they are still as big as ever.

  2. Cute. I think somebunny loves bunnies.

  3. haha! Love that you found all the bunnies!! ;)

  4. OMGosh, so many "Troubles" at CHA! :) I love those brads, and I've always loved the Doodlebug Easter bunny icon - he's adorable!
    Ugh ... I have to tell you what my bad kids did ... I thought about you a couple of weeks ago ... I was up into the wee hours on a weekend, it was miserably cold and drizzly outside, the dogs wanted out, Junior & Gracie went off one way, Griffin went off the other. I started to turn off lights and the TV, ready for bed, when Gracie bumped the door open and came right back inside, Junior too, they were out maybe a minute. I called to Griffin, and he stayed out in the yard. I called him again, and this time as he raised up to look at me, I realized he was stepping on something, pulling at it with his teeth, and chewing. :( Ewwww!! I hate that! I was freezing and STERNLY told him to get his butt inside, right then. He came, but knew he was in trouble, had his tail tucked and wouldn't look at me. I scolded him that I knew he was protecting his yard and his family, but he needed to quit killing stuff, his wrap sheet was mile long! He didn't have scratch on him, no blood, nothing. He just wanted back outside. I went out with a flashlight, and saw some brown fur, and assumed it was one of the squirrels that harass them mercilessly. When Josh got up the next morning, I told him he was on clean up duty. Well, it wasn't a squirrel. It was a pretty big rabbit, probably one of them we saw this spring. I was SO sad! Since then, another one has been lucky enough (and fast enough) to get away. We couldn't figure out how the other had gotten in the yard in the first place, but the one that got away squeezed through the narrow gap between the gate and fence! I've taken to calling my boy "Elmer," since all he's been interested in lately is huntin' wabbits. Ugh, I know it's just instinct, but he needs to stop it!! I even told him the other night that his status as "my favorite" was going to be in question if he kept doing that!

  5. I'm amazed by how small a space rabbits can squeeze through. Poor bunny. :(

    1. I know, I don't understand how or why critters keep coming through our backyard! :( I would think they'd smell 'death' and not come through ... but then again, they may just smell "Fred" who didn't come back last night, and be following his trail ... :(


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