Preparing for the CHA Mega Show!

The Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show opens tomorrow in Anaheim and I'll be there! I couldn't be more excited!

The one and only other time I've attended the show was in 2011. That year it was held in Los Angeles, so this will be my first time attending in Anaheim. In 2011, I was registered as a Buyer. My time was scheduled by the store owners who needed me to help scope out vintage-style scrapbook materials, talk with manufacturers about shipping dates, and attend retail-oriented seminars. It was great fun, but there was very little time for me to explore anything else.

This year, I'm registered as a Creative Professional and all my time is my own! I'm registered for a bunch of seminars and workshops, all relevant to me as a blogger and independent contractor. Between classes, I'm going to explore the entire show floor, not just the scrapbooking products and other materials I know well. I want to see what's new (or simply new-to-me) in the craft world. I want to do every make-and-take I can and absorb as much knowledge as possible. I'm planning to meet up with a bunch of friends, new and old.

I'm hoping to be blogging and/or Instagramming (http://instagram.com/cindyderosier) while at CHA, if time allows. Otherwise, I'll get posts ready to run once I get home.

I am SO excited!


  1. I'm excited for you!!! I'm actually going to (sort-of) know someone, who will actually be inside and actually TOUCH the always amazing, and always adorable, and always colorful, and always drool-worthy (for me) Doodlebug CHA Booth!!! :) :) I can't wait to see your posts and Instagrams!!

  2. HOW FUN!!!!!! I wish I was there with you!! :)

  3. Wish I could be there with you, but I can't wait to live vicariously through you! I know you'll have such informative blog posts. I'll be so anxious to read them!


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