43 New-to-Me... #3 Birthday Cake M&Ms

Part of the point of 43 New-to-Me is to have different experiences, to stretch myself, that sort of thing. There wasn't much risk involved in trying Pineapple Sunkist. I like pineapples, I like Sunkist, I like soda. It wasn't a stretch at all. Same with #3. 

At the same mini mart where I found the Sunkist, I noticed Birthday Cake M&Ms. I'd heard they were good but hadn't tried them yet. I debated whether or not to include them amongst the 43, but ultimately decided to. Heck, it was my birthday. What could be more appropriate than Birthday Cake M&Ms?

As it turned out, I didn't love them. They were fine, but I like every other flavor of M&Ms better. Trevor ended up finishing my share. I'm glad I tried them so that I know in the future that they aren't a temptation!


  1. I would have a hard time eating them ...seems like every time someone has "birthday cake" as a flavor, it's too sweet for me! I love your page!!!! I love love love the colors!!!

  2. I haven't seen those before. We aren't huge candy eater (except my dark chocolate!),
    but this sounds like something the boys would like. I have made a cake batter ice cream that we all enjoyed...

  3. It's not my favorite either... in fact I probably wouldn't get them ever again! Cute layout -- your book is going to be awesome when you finish it!! :)

  4. Haven't tried them. Cute layout and good idea to try new things.

  5. Love the layout! Those happy colours just pop! Glad you tried it...I usually prefer the original of everything even though I'm always game to try something new.


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