43 New-to-Me... #5 Dry-Roasted Black Edamame

My fifth New-to-Me food for my birthday challenge was dry-roasted black edamame. We love the warm, green, slightly-salty, boiled edamame that are (is?*) frequently served in Japanese restaurants. In fact, we love them (it?*) so much that we planted soybeans last summer and made edamame at home. I like a wide variety of soy products, so I expected to like this dry-roasted black version.

It was actually one of the 4 items Steve and Trevor put in my latest Chopped basket.

I liked the edamame out of the bag and incorporated into my dish. I rated them (it?*) an 8.


*Different websites vary on whether to treat edamame as a plural (edamame are) or collective (edamame is) noun. I found countless pages of discussion (quite interesting to a grammar nerd like me!) but nothing definitive. What's your opinion?


  1. Hmmmm ... well, you know I struggle with grammar!! LOL!! Spelling, not so much, but grammar, yes! :) I love love love the page!! Great colors!!!!!!

  2. I think both work.
    Great layout. Love how your friends and family are always game to play along with you...:)

  3. I didn't cause me to stumble in reading your post, so good enough? ;) Sounds tasty... I'll have to track some down to try it!


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