My NSD Checklist...

Two more days!

For me, a successful National Scrapbook Day doesn't just happen. I put a lot of preparation in ahead of time to help make the day go smoother and to maximize my productivity. Here's what my checklist looks like:

  • Clean the scraproom, removing everything from the floor and main work table. Return all supplies to their proper places. Remove anything from the scraproom that doesn't belong there. 
  • Print photos from at least 20 different events/occasions. In order to successfully do 10 challenges, I have to be prepared with a variety of photos, since not every photo works with every challenge.
  • Stock up on the basics. I double-check my supply of adhesives, white and black cardstock, and trimmer blades.
  • Clear the calendar. Steve and Trevor always make plans to be elsewhere, which I greatly appreciate. I work ahead at my jobs and chores so that I'm not stuck doing laundry, running errands, paying bills or doing other weekend tasks when I want to focus on scrapping. 
  • Read through any pre-posted challenge information and take note of necessary supplies. Since I'm running my own crop this year, I don't need to check on rules and suggested supply lists, but that's something I have always done when I'm not the hostess.
  • Clear off my computer desk and scanner. I need to be able to quickly scan and upload layouts on NSD without having to move piles of work-related stuff out of the way first.
  • Start brainstorming what stories I might want to tell. Since my list of challenge components includes "Now and Then," I know that's going to be part of a challenge. I don't know what other components it will be paired with, but I'm already thinking about possible directions I can go once the randomizer tells me exactly what the challenges will be.
  • Contact my friends to see how everyone will be celebrating and who will be online and up for chatting! I always try to check in with as many scrappy friends as possible on our holiday.

How do you prepare for National Scrapbook Day?


  1. How did you end up with your checklist... did you get everything done that you wanted to?! :)


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