Join Me Saturday for National Scrapbook Day!

I LOVE National Scrapbook Day. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's my favorite day of the year. For years, I've always celebrated the same way: I get up before dawn, complete as many NSD online challenges as possible, chat with crafty friends around the world, visit blogs, watch scrapbook videos, enter every prize giveaway I can find, and collapse into bed after midnight. I love it.

I'm not a fast scrapper 364 days of the year, yet on NSD I always manage to finish at least 10 layouts. The challenges push me out of my comfort zone and the time pressure helps me commit to decisions about design and product quickly. I'm really proud of the layouts I've made during past NSD events.

Over the years, my various online scrapbook homes have stopped hosting NSD events. It's been disappointing, but I could always count on Scrapbook.com to have a fantastic online crop. But this year, Scrapbook.com has changed their NSD format to one that is month-long and based on the free classes they offer, with no special events on the actual National Scrapbook Day, May 2. I've checked out a bunch of alternate sites, trying to find something that is a good fit for me. There are a few that look ok, but I haven't seen anything that is exactly what I want. So....

I'm hosting my own NSD event, here at My Creative Life! All of you are welcome to join the fun.

Here's how it will work. I'm starting with a list of challenge components, like these:

                  Only 1 photo                           5+ photos
                  No patterned paper                 Large circle
                  Use a stencil                           Polka dots
                  Black/white only                     3+ stars
                  Stripes                                    Bling
                  Wood                                      Now and Then
                  Speech bubble                        Rainbow
                  Stamping                                2+ punches
                  Chipboard                              Chevron
                  Stitching                                 2+ hearts
                  Ribbon                                    Washi tape
                  Follow a sketch                       Primary colors only
                  Animal                                    A number as a title
                  Trees/Leaves                          Triangles

I will combine these items randomly to create 10 different challenges. Some challenges will have two components (for example: use chipboard and bling) while others will have three components (such as: use a stencil, 2+ hearts and stitching). I will post the challenges at 5:00 am PDT this Friday, May 1. 

Once the challenges are posted, start creating! This online crop is not just for scrapbookers. Card makers are welcome too. In fact, I'd love to see how one of you would incorporate 5+ photos on a card! I also encourage scrappers and card makers from anywhere in the world to join me here.

As you finish each challenge, upload it to an online gallery or blog. Then leave me a comment with a link to your creation. To accommodate different time zones and potential schedule conflicts, the crop will run all weekend (from 5:00 am PDT Friday 5/1 to 5:00 pm PDT Sunday 5/3.)
Starting on Monday 5/4 and continuing for at total of 10 weekdays, I will share the layout I made for each challenge along with one or more of others' creations. On Friday 5/15, I'll use Random.org to pick one participant to win a $20 gift certificate to Scrapbook.com.

Any questions?


  1. HOW FUN!!! Hopefully (see my latest post to see why I say that!! LOL!!!) I will be able to join in on Saturday or Sunday! :)

  2. Fun! Unfortunately I think we will be up north at the cottage so no scrapping for me.

  3. This is so much fun. I am bookmarking this page. I have the same thing as you where on other days, I am a very slow scrapper and on NSD, I complete 4 to 5 LOs. I am looking forward to this. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Yay! Thanks for hosting this, and for making this a weekend event. My busiest day will be Saturday, so it's nice to know that I can still participate.

  5. That's awesome that you are hosting your own event. I, too, miss the online events. They challenged me to step out of my cozy box and try things I would never think to do. I am planning on being at a weekend event, but can try to play along, as well.

  6. Awesome! I should be able to participate :) I would suggest that instead of comments, you do a linky! Send me a message if you want info -- super easy to set up and free! Much easier and more fun that links in the comments ;)


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