Awhile back, I shared a book I'd written as a kid called "You're in the Doghouse Now!" Today, we're taking another stroll back to approximately 1982 with another book I authored, somewhere around age 10. I remember working on it and how proud I was of it. It's called "Fortunately" and it's a gem.

(Cynthia Jones. In cursive, even. Fancy!)

"Fortunately, it was summer and the ice cream truck was coming."

(That bird! Those tires! The menu!)

"Unfortunately, I didn't have any money." 

(But I did have my blue watch.)

"Fortunately, my mom gave me some money."

(Hey, I changed socks. And lost my watch!)

"Unfortunately, she only gave me 10 cents and ice cream costs 25 cents."

(Exactly what kind of footwear is the ice cream girl wearing?)

"Fortunately, my sister loaned me some money to buy ice cream."

(I changed clothes. And Kari has either her dress or her head on backwards.)

"Unfortunately, the loan was at 50% interest."

(Ah, there we go. Her arms are shorter, but her head is on correctly.)

"Fortunately, they had cake as well as ice cream."

(The ice cream girl wasn't comfy in those weird, red shoes.)

"Unfortunately, I still had to pay my sister."

(The suspense! What will happen?!)

"Fortunately, I have some money in the bank."

(What an amazing, length-changing dress!)

 "Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to get the money until I'm 18."

(Wait. The bank is changing sizes too...)

"Fortunately, my sister forgot about it."

(I'm looking trim!)

"Fortunately, she never remembered."

I love that my mom saved this all those years! It's absolutely hilarious to look at my childhood drawings, and I love the story too. The funniest part about it is that I was the hoarding sister who would consider charging 50% interest on a loan and had a Keep Out sign on my door, while Kari never held onto money more than 15 minutes and had essentially no concept of privacy or personal space. I love that I reversed our roles in this story. For the record, since I suspect she is reading this, the story is fiction and I do not owe my sister 15 cents with 32 years' worth of 50% interest.


  1. LOL!!! I love it!!! And I bet she might at least try and argue the loan, now that this has come to light!! HA!!! Tooooooooo funny!!!!!!

  2. Wow. Good thing it's fiction. $0.15 at 50%, compounded once per year over 32 years is $64,715.98!

    Great story! Need to talk to your editor about the continuity errors in costuming though. :)

  3. I know Kari wouldn't have gone for yearly interest. She lived for the moment. At best she would have had the interest due weekly since that is how often you girls got your allowance. Mom

  4. OMG this is awesome Cindy! I love it so much! It reminds me that I wrote two books in school that were "published" and illustrated by my cousin Amber... dang I need to dig those out for TBT on facebook! LOL ;) I think my favorite part is your side comment about Kari having her "head on backwards" in the one illustration -- so awesome! LOL

  5. Hahahahaha....this was hilarious! Love the pics you drew and coloured.


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