Omelet in a Bag

Years ago, we were visiting relatives for Christmas and my Aunt Vickie introduced us to Omelets in a Bag. It was the perfect breakfast for a crowd- quick, easy, delicious, and with virtually no cleanup. Since then, we've made Omelets in a Bag for large family gatherings or for camping trips. We also have made them as a way to use up leftovers and not generate dishes on the final day of a trip to the cabin.

To make Omelets in a Bag, you need eggs (rice-dyeing optional), quart-size ziplock bags, a Sharpie, a pot of boiling water, and any omelet toppings you like, such as cheese, bacon, ham, chicken, broccoli, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, olives, etc.

Have each person write their name on a bag. Crack the desired number of eggs into the bag (2 works beautifully), then add whatever toppings you like into the bag. Seal the bag, making sure to remove as much air as possible. Massage the ingredients together until everything is thoroughly combined with no visible streaks of white or yolk. Then drop the bags into simmering water. Try not to crowd them too much. There are six bags in this pot and that's definitely the maximum for this size of pot.

Let the bags cook for 11-12 minutes, then check on them. The omelets should be soft, yet firm, with no traces of goo. Allow a few extra minutes for a 3-egg omelet. Then simply open the bag and roll the perfectly-cylindrical omelet onto a plate. Or, eat them directly out of the bag for even less cleanup. Delicious!

I'm sure some of you are concerned about heating food in plastic bags. If that worries you, then do not make these. I don't worry about the effects of having these once or twice a year. 

Edited to add: A friend asked me if I had an "after" photo of the omelets. I didn't take one on this trip (too eager to eat my own warm, delicious omelet to stop and take a photo), but I did find one from a previous camping trip. This is a 3-egg omelet and apparently we used gallon-sized bags instead of quart. With the quart-sized bags, you tend to get a more perfect cylinder without the ragged edge that this one has. 

Even if it isn't as pretty, it's still mighty tasty!


  1. Awesome idea! I am definitely going to be making these for my family! We all love omelets but I hate being the one to make them because by the time my omelet is ready everyone else is done eating! This way we can all eat at the same time and have whatever type of omelet makes us happy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What a great idea! :) We do something similar in that Brian dumps all the ingredients into a bag -- eggs, veggies, cooked bacon. Then when we are camping, he dumps the bag contents into a frying pan over a camping cook stove to cook as a scramble. In a second pan he cooks hash browns. Then we serve them as breakfast burritos -- some of the scramble, some of the hash browns, some shredded cheese, some hot sauce, rolled up in a tortilla to make a burrito! Now I'm hungry ;) LOL We will have to try these next time we camp! :)

  3. So AWESOME!!!!!!!! Pinning this!!!!!!!!

  4. Such a wonderful idea, Cindy! I am definitely going to show this to my family!!!!


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