Ellia at 6

Here is the layout I made for my goddaughter Ellia's sixth birthday. It's an annual tradition.

I love how it turned out, although it was quite different than I intended! I'd chosen the floral side of this two-sided paper by Chickaniddy Crafts as the background, with a strip of the stripe as a title.

It looked really good, so I took it all apart and glued it. Somehow, I glued the background paper on upside down, with the stripes showing instead of the floral. I was really mad at myself. I *hate* when a project looks just the way I want it and I have to take it apart to add adhesive and hope I put it back together correctly. It's my absolute least favorite part of scrapbooking. But then I decided that the stripes looked pretty cool and that Ellia's photo pops against the really light background. She loved it, which is all I really care about.


  1. I think it turned out beautiful! LOVING the butterfly!!!!

  2. It's sweet!
    P/s: I take a photo with my phone so I know where to glue back the elements.


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