Project CAT - Challenge #9 - Foam Flip Flops

Hello. Welcome back to Project CAT! This is Trevor again. Today we are doing a foam flip flop craft. This is what it looks like:

Materials: craft foam, pencil, scissors, stamps, ink pads (Staz-On does not rub off foam), craft knife, glue, and paper that looks like sand 

Step 1: Trace your feet on a piece of craft foam.

Step 2: Cut out a a big area around the traced feet. Do not cut them apart yet. Do not cut on the lines, either! 

Step 3: Turn the craft foam over so that the traced feet are on the bottom. Using the stamps and ink pads, stamp the foam. Use a piece of scratch paper or foam to stamp off of the shoes so that the pattern continues off the edge. 

Step 4: Cut out the flip flops when the ink is dry.

Step 5: Cut three slits on the bottom of the flip flop. One goes at the toe end and two go near the back on the sides. Each slit should be about 1" thick.

Step 6: Cut four strips of foam using scissors. Insert two into the toe hole of each flip flop.

Step 7: Insert the other end of the strips into the back holes. Glue them in place and let them dry.

Step 8: Cut the extra ends of the strips off so that the flip flop is flat on the bottom. Glue the flip flops to the sand-colored paper (hot glue is easiest). Done!

Now it's your turn! Make flip flops or something inspired by my flip flops for a chance to win! 


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