Tahoe Reunion

Last summer, we joined my extended family for a reunion at Lake Tahoe. It was awesome. I blogged about the trip and our Family Olympics competition right after we got home, but I didn't finish the layout until a few weeks ago. 

It's always a challenge for me to condense a huge trip with tons of photos into one spread. In this case, I made sure to include at least one photo from each different activity (Family Olympics, beach, mini golf, hiking, card games, etc). I focused mostly on the kids since they change so much from year to year, but I also made sure each of the adults were in the photos too. I left out all but one of the strictly scenic photos, as the backgrounds behind us showed our environment. I'm happy with how it turned out.


  1. This turned out GORGEOUS! LOVING all the photos and the colors!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicely done. LOVE your awesome double pager.:)


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