Project CAT - Challenge #1: Name Art

Welcome to the first day of Project CAT! This is Trevor. If you missed my introduction about Project CAT, then you should go back and watch my video.

Today's project is Challenge #1, Name Art. Name Art is a good first project because then I can get to know all your names. For today's project, you will need: paper, pencil, black pen, and something to color with (preferably markers, colored pencils or crayons).

First, turn your paper to landscape. Start with the first letter in your name. Think of something that starts with that letter, that is also shaped like that letter. I used a TREE because tree is shaped like a T and starts with T, which is the first letter of my name. Continue with the other letters in your name, then carefully use your pencil to sketch your designs. When they look good, use a black pen to outline each letter. Finally, color in the rest of your letters with colored pencils, markers or crayons.

Here is mine:

T is for tree, R is for roller coaster, E is for elephant, V is for vulture, O is for orange, and R is for rabbit.

Here is my mom's. Her name is Cindy:

C is for cookie, I is for ice cream, N is for noodle, D is for donut, and Y is for yak. 

Now it's your turn! When you finish your project, take a picture or scan it and link it to this post. Remember, you don't need to follow my instructions exactly. Be creative! As long as your project is Name Art, you have a chance to win the prizes. You have until Sunday, August 16 at noon Pacific. 


  1. These are awesome! What a great challenge!!!!!!

  2. WOW - your challenge is SO COOL and your name is AWESOME Trevor!!!

  3. How cool! LOVE what you did Trevor!


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