Project CAT - Challenge #4: Baseball Game

Hello! Welcome back to Project CAT. This is Trevor again. Today we are going to make a baseball game. I like to play baseball in the summer, so I decided to make a baseball game craft.

This is what we are making:

Materials: red Sharpie, ping pong ball, 1 yard green felt, large scratch paper or newspaper, scissors, craft stick, brown marker, masking tape, Dixie cups (four each of two colors), black Sharpie

If you do not have felt, I'll give you some other ideas later!

Step 1: Use a red Sharpie to draw two circles on the ping pong ball. Then draw arrows coming off each circle in opposite directions to make it look like a ping pong ball baseball.

Step 2: Use the large scratch paper to make a pattern that's shaped like a baseball field. You might need to tape more than one piece together. Lay the pattern on the green piece of felt. Cut the felt and recycle the pattern.

Step 3: Use masking tape to mark the baselines of the baseball diamond. Then, fold masking tape pieces to make bases. Roll a different piece of tape to stick each base onto the taped baselines. 

Step 4: Use masking tape to make quarter circles around each base and a large circle for home plate and the pitcher's mound. Make a rectangular base for the pitcher's mound and attach it.

Step 5: Use the black Sharpie to make 8 Dixie cup people.

Step 6: Make a bat out of the craft stick. Color it with the marker. You can use other colors to make it more detailed.

Step 7: Arrange one team in the outfield and the other team as the batters. Now you're ready to play!

How to play:
  • One person should arrange one Dixie cup player on the pitcher's mound and the other three beyond the baseball diamond. 
  • The person who is batting should bring one of his Dixie cup players to home plate. Bat the ball using the popsicle stick bat.
  • If the ball touches any of the fielders or leaves the felt field, you are out! Each team gets three outs per inning.
  • If the ball doesn't make it past the pitcher, that is one strike. 
  • If the ball gets past the pitcher but not to the outfield, the batter goes to first base.
  • Once there is a batter on the bases, he advances each time the ball is hit correctly.
  • If the ball goes outside the baseball diamond, the batter goes to second base.
  • If the ball stops right at the edge of the felt without going off, the batter goes to third base. 
  • To get a home run, the ball has to stop between the pitcher and second base (without touching the pitcher, because that is an out).

Or, you can make your own rules!

Don't worry if you don't have green felt. There are lots of other ways to make this craft. You can use paper that is taped together. You can put the masking tape directly on carpet. You can even put the tape on the lawn! Be creative! If you do not have the supplies I mentioned, you can use what you do have to make it work!

Now it's your turn! Make a baseball game craft that is like mine or make up your own. Take a picture of your craft and link it by Sunday, August 16 at noon Pacific for a chance to win.

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