Project CAT - Challenge #8: Pie

Hello! Welcome back to Project CAT. It's Trevor again. Summer is a good time for making pie, especially peach pie, because there are a lot of peaches. This is the craft we are making:

But first, we made some real pie! 

Pie! Time to bake! 

Pie! Time to craft!

Materials: cardstock (blue, brown, orange and light brown), silver paper, embossing tool, ruler, black ink, scissors, glue, brown colored pencil, cotton ball

Step 1: Cut a brown strip of paper to make a table, then glue it onto the blue piece of paper.

Step 2: Cut the silver paper into a pie pan shape. Use the embossing tool and ruler to make vertical dents in the pie pan to make it look more like a pie pan.

Step 3: Rub black ink on it to make it look even more like a pie pan.

Step 4: Cut orange paper into a dome that fits the pie pan. Then, cut light brown paper into skinny strips to make the pie crust. Color them with the brown pencil. 

Step 5: Layer the strips over the orange paper in a lattice style. Each strip should go over-under-over-under each other.

Step 6: Put glue under each strip and put them back down. Use the scissors to cut any extra off.

Step 7: Glue everything in place. Put the pie pan on the brown paper and put the orange paper right above the pie pan.

Step 8: Peel apart a cotton ball to make a cotton ball whisp. This will be steam. Glue the whisp to the blue paper. Your pie is completed!

Now it's your turn! Make my pie or a pie inspired by my pie for a chance to win. You have until Sunday, August 16 at noon Pacific. 


  1. I love how you made steam on the craft pie. You have such great attention to detail. The real peach pie sounds yummy. That's my favorite!


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