Project CAT - Challenge #5: Sandpaper Sandcastle

Hello! Welcome back to Project CAT. This is Trevor again. Today we are making a sandpaper sandcastle. This is what it looks like:

Materials: sandpaper (medium grit, around 100), blue construction paper, scratch paper, pencil, scissors, glue, pop dots, toothpicks, and punches

Step 1:  Rip the sandpaper neatly hot dog way so the strip is about 2 inches wide. Glue the sandpaper to the blue paper.

Step 2: Using the pencil, draw three levels of a sandcastle on the scratch paper. Cut them out. 

Step 3: Trace the scratch paper patterns onto the back of the sandpaper. Cut them out.

Step 4: These are pop dots. They're little circles of foam that are sticky on both sides. Use pop dots to elevate the sandcastle off of the blue paper. Keep placing pop dots until each level of the castle is elevated. 

Step 5: Decorate your sandcastle with punched-out shapes, like clouds, leaves and birds. I used a leaf connected to a toothpick to make flags. Now you have a completed sandcastle!

This is my mom's sandcastle:

Now it's your turn! Make a sandpaper sandcastle or a something inspired by my sandpaper sandcastle. You could even make a real sandcastle! I'll be back on Monday with the next craft!


  1. Oh, this turned out GREAT. Your instructions are so cute. I love how you describe ripping the paper the "hot dog way." :) You are so talented, Trevor!

  2. What a wonderful project, Trevor! I love it! And your instructions are amazing!!!

  3. These both turned out great! LOVING them!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Cindy is this image available in full res?


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