Project CAT - Challenge #3: Peekaboo Garden

Hello! This is Trevor again. Today is Day 3 of Project CAT! Today we are making a peekaboo garden.

Here is what we are going to make. This is what it looks like....

... until you pull the vegetables up!

Materials: cardstock or construction paper (blue, brown, orange, pinkish, purplish, green), scissors, glue, color pencils, craft knife, Sharpie/pen 

Step 1: Cut out vegetables that grow underground. We used carrot, radish and beet. We used the computer to remind us what their leaves look like. Cut out the leaves and the stems.

Step 2: Detail the vegetables and the leaves using colored pencils. For example, the beet leaves have purple lines in them for veins. Same with the radish. 

Step 3: Glue the vegetable pieces together and set them aside. We will use them later.

Step 4: Take your brown paper and turn it vertically. Cut a piece of blue paper to make the sky and glue it in place.

Step 5: Use a craft knife to cut slits in the brown paper where you want your vegetables to go. Remember to make the slits the same as the widest part of the vegetables or they won't go in. You might want help from a parent on this step. If you do not have a craft knife, you can use scissors. 

Step 6: Slide the vegetables in place. Turn your brown paper over and cut pockets for your vegetables to go in so that they don't slide all the way out. Put glue only on three sides of the pocket. Remove the vegetable once you have arranged the pocket so it doesn't get glue on it.

Step 7: Write a message on the front of the brown paper. I chose, "Who am I?" and my mom's says, "What is growing in my garden?" Then write on each vegetable to tell what they are. 

Step 8: Slide the vegetables back in. And you are done!

This is my mom's:

Now it's your turn! Make a peekaboo garden or something inspired by this garden. You have until Sunday, August 16 at 12:00 Pacific. 


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