Project CAT.... Winners!

Hello! This is Trevor. Welcome back to Project CAT. Project CAT has ended and I am announcing the winners. Thank you to everybody who has entered! You all did great!

The random winner is ..... Cierra!

The winner that I chose is.... Joey! I chose Joey's Name Art because it was very creative of what things he used. All of them were ocean-themed.

Congratulations Cierra and Joey! I'll get your prizes to you soon.

Thanks again for entering, everyone! Check back here once in a while because I want to do a winter challenge next!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on an AWESOME & CREATIVE ADVENTURE Trevor (and Cindy) - Project CAT was COOL & FUN :)

  2. Trevor, you did such a terrific job with this project. You are very creative and inventive and I looked forward to seeing your work each day.


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