Little Passports Update - 4 More States

Time for another Little Passports update! A year ago, Trevor and I started an album about his travels within the United States. There are 50 pages in the album; each page consists of the Little Passports postcard, a photo of Trevor's first visit to that state, and journaling about the visit. You can see the first completed pages (Washington and Hawaii) here, the next set of completed pages (Florida, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey) here and the most recent set (California and Alaska) here. Today, I'm sharing four more completed pages from his album.

First, Oregon. Trevor visited Oregon for the first time when he was 4. We've had the photo and the journaling card in the page from the time we started the album, just waiting for the Oregon postcard to show up. 

We traveled quite a bit this past summer. Our first trip was to Colorado, where we tasted celery-flavored soda and had our 2nd Annual Cookie Bake-off (among other things). On the same trip, we visited Wyoming. 


Our final trip of the summer was to Idaho, where my brother-in-law is now working. Tomorrow I'll tell you about the Family Olympics that we held during the trip.

There are two more states that Trevor has visited that haven't been part of his Little Passports subscription yet, Maine and Nevada. Once those arrive, I'll share those finished pages.


  1. I love this album. The whole concept. In fact, I even bought a 6x12 album because of it! Not sure that we will follow suit in the same way, but I love the idea of a travel album. Instead of the state postcards, I thought we might use postcards from the places we have visited, even within the same state. So far, this project is still in the thinking stage! But I love the idea of a quick look at a family's travels. Great pages!

  2. What a great idea! I loveeeeeeeee his album!!!!!!!!


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