Project CAT - Challenge #6: Handprint Campfire

Hello! This is Trevor again! Welcome to Week 2 of Project CAT! Today is National S'mores Day! So we decided to make a handprint campfire with a roasting marshmallow.

This was our inspiration. We saw it at the fair. It was a preschooler who made it. We decided to make our own version. 

But before we got started, we ate s'mores. Did you know you can make them indoors? Just put a marshmallow on a skewer and put it over the stove! This is great for me because I cannot cook outside on a campfire because I am allergic to wood smoke and get really, really bad hives.

Yummy! Delicious! 

Now, it's time for the craft! This is what our version looks like:

Materials: white paper, craft sticks, brown color pencil, cotton ball, wooden skewer, glue, brown chalk, paint (yellow, orange and red), a foam brush and wire cutters. 

Step 1: Start by making your marshmallow. Using the chalk, color the marshmallow to make it look toasted. Then poke the skewer through the cotton ball. This might be a little bit hard. Add glue to the inside of the cotton ball so that the skewer stays in place. Set it aside.

Step 2: Color the craft sticks to make them look like logs. Add lines and circles to look like wood grain and knots.

Step 3: Paint your hand with yellow, orange and red paint. 

Step 4: Press your hand onto paper. If you want to, wiggle your fingers around to make it look more like a flame. (I did this.)

Step 5: Trim the skewer to make it even with the paper. We used wire cutters.

Step 6: Glue the skewer with the marshmallow on it and the craft sticks in place. You have a completed campfire!

Now it's your turn! Make a handprint campfire or something inspired by this handprint campfire. And have some s'mores, since it's National S'mores Day! Here are some recipes you might want to try:


  1. Trevor, I love your version of the project you saw. It really looks like a campfire. The flame is just perfect!! I have been enjoying your projects for several days. You do nice work.
    I wanted to mention that when I saw the original project from the preschooler I immediately thought of Easter morning. Do you see it? The sticks look like crosses and the handprints the way they did it looks like sun rays. (Not so sure about that "cottonball marshmallow though. I think you would have to eliminate that.)
    Anyway, I did want to let you know I am enjoying your work and hope you keep it up. And enjoy those s'mores!!! They are delicious, aren't they?

  2. This is AWESOME!! LOVING the flames and the way you 'treated' the wood!!!!!

  3. The s'mores look delicious and the campfire looks fabulous. Great project!

  4. Who can resist a s'more! I love all versions. At Easter, we roast Peeps over the fire. I am not a big fan of raw Peeps, but I gotta say: they are yummy when roasted. The sugar caramelizes and takes the s'mores up a new notch.

    But I digress: I love your idea for indoor s'mores because, really, any day is a good day for s'mores. Your craft version is a winner too! Great work, Trevor. You are so inspiring and creative. I can tell a lot of thought and time go into all your projects.


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