40-4-Steve: Gone with the Wind

When I learned that Steve had neither seen nor read Gone with the Wind, I added it to his list of 40 things. It's an important part of American movie history and culture. I hadn't seen it in 25ish years, so I enjoyed seeing it again.

After we finished the movie, I commented that now the famous Carol Burnett sketch should make more sense to him. Turns out he'd not only never seen it, but never even heard of it. I corrected that immediately. It's another important part of American culture. I really should go back and watch as much of The Carol Burnett Show as I can find. Talk about an American classic!


  1. How awesome that he finally saw it! LOVING your page!! And agreed... Carol's show was CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I saw the movie was I was young and loved it... as an adult I find it boring, LOL! Weird, I know! I never heard of the Carol Burnett sketch either so I guess I'll have to watch it. Thanks for the link!


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