Cindy's Gift Guide

I've been so busy counting down the days until the Craft and Hobby Association's Creativation Show (58 days!) that I've ignored the fact that Christmas is only 33 days away. Because I hate crowds, I'll be doing most of my shopping online. And because I want to enjoy December without the stress of hoping gifts will arrive on time, I'll be doing the bulk of my shopping on or before Cyber Monday. With that in mind, I wanted to share some gift ideas for the friends and family on your list. Obviously, this blog post is chock-full of affiliate links. Everything included is something I own and/or have tried and love. Thanks for supporting My Creative Life!


✽ Gifts for People Who Already Have Everything

Let's get tackle the most difficult category first, the People Who Already Have Everything. They often answer to "Mom" or "Dad." I'm assuming we all have these people on our list who already have everything and insist they don't need or want a thing. Edible gifts and other consumables work well, of course. But just in case, here are a few other ideas:

Urban Adventure Quest Gift Certificate (52 locations and counting)

Adam's books


✽ Gifts for Teens Who Only Want Money

This category may seem difficult at first, but it isn't. They want money. Give them money. Just do it creatively. 

✽ Educational Gifts for Kids That They'll Actually Like

I'm a big fan of educational gifts. Not flash cards or practice workbooks, but toys and activities that allow children to learn through play. Trevor has learned so much about science, geography, math and technology through these cool toys and kits.



✽ Gifts to Keep on Hand For When Someone Surprises You With a Gift

I don't actually do this; when someone surprises me with a gift, their surprise is that I didn't get them something. But this category is equally excellent for gift exchanges at work, Secret Santa events, relatives you don't know that well, and teachers. Don't forget the teachers. (These gifts also work for your favorite bloggers.)

You really can get anything on Amazon!

I could keep going on and on, but I have to stop somewhere. Rhubarb pie seems like as good a place as any. But in an effort to ensure my title as your favorite blogger, I am more than happy to help you with any other gift suggestions you might need. Just let me know in the comments who else is on your list and I'd be happy to brainstorm ideas for you. 


  1. I haven't bought a single gift and I only plan on buying gifts for my 2 children. The reason I am not fond of Christmas is all the materialism and the fact that we are forced to buy present for those we wouldn't normally buy for because they are going to be in our house that day. I am remaining firm on my convictions this year. If I spend my money, it's going to worthy causes: like animal rescue shelters, because the Human Race basically sucks but animals don't! Oops! Sorry I got crazy there, LOL!
    Nice list though... some very unusual ideas!

  2. These are GREAT ideas!!!!! I am actually (most likely) NOT attending CHA ... which is so weird/sad since it will be here this year! LOL!! We have a HUGE deductible for our health insurance, and we are saving our $$$$ to make sure Brookie has another laser surgery in 2017! :)


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