Salt Dough Adobes

In my post about exploring New Mexico through Little Passports, I mentioned that we were still waiting for our adobe house projects to dry. Now they're dry, painted, photographed and ready to share.


Salt Dough Adobes


  • salt dough (1 part salt, 2 parts flour and 1 part water) 
  • rolling pin
  • non-stick surface 
  • plastic knife
  • paint


Roll out salt dough on a non-stick surface. Use the knife to cut a rectangle of dough for the house.

Cut out a window and a door. Cut a long, narrow rectangle. Bend it over the top of the house to form the roof. Add trim to the door and window. Or, add beams above each opening.

Let the salt dough dry thoroughly. You can dry it a low temperature in the oven, or leave it out to air dry. Either way, flip it over occasionally to let the back dry. When it is completely dry, paint it. 

This is Trevor's. He used terra cotta for the main part of the house and chestnut brown for the roof and beams. 

That's mine at the top of the post. I painted the trim a bright blue, which is very common throughout New Mexico. It is believed that the blue keeps evil spirits from entering.


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