Coloring Books + Plastic Wrap + Stickles = Awesome

Check out the Thanksgiving card I made. That leaf? It's glitter glue. Stickles, to be exact. (Affiliate link here and below.)

I started with a page of leaves from Leisure Art's Bountiful Wonders coloring book. I put a piece of plastic wrap over the page, smoothed it down, and pulled out my Stickles collection. (Everyone should have a Stickles collection.) 

I outlined a nice leaf in red...

.... then filled in the spaces with yellow, orange and brown. I used a skewer to swirl the colors and push them evenly into the spaces. 

Then I made a leaf with greens and browns. 

I let them dry overnight, then checked to see if there were any thin spots. (If so, just fill them in using the same technique and then let them dry.) Gently peel them up off the plastic wrap.... 

... and you have really neat translucent leaves!  

You can see from the ridges that I didn't smooth the plastic wrap down perfectly; now I know. Not a big deal though, because the ridges don't show at all when you glue the leaf to cardstock. 

Here's my card again. I experimented with photographing it with different background colors to see how they would pull out the different colors in the leaf. Brown...

... red... 

... and green at the top of the post. Exciting to have figured out how to use my coloring books in a totally different way! 


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