Diamond Dotz

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One of my favorite things about attending Creativation is discovering new (or new-to-me) craft supplies and techniques. This year, I fell in love with Diamond Dotz. This new craft uses faceted dots to 'embroider' a design on fabric. Their booth was filled with spectacular, sparkly, eye-catching designs. I spent about 15 minutes trying this addictive craft before I needed to pull myself away to get to a class. They sent me home with a starter kit for Trevor to try. Here's what he made:

The kit includes the printed fabric (coated with adhesive and covered with a protective film), Diamond Dotz (sorted by shade), a stylus, craft tray and wax caddy. 

It couldn't be easier. You poke the stylus into the wax, then use it to pick up the rounded side of the Dotz. Touch the fabric, and the Dotz cling to it, releasing instantly from the stylus. 

After working on it for around 15 minutes, Trevor needed to leave for Cub Scouts. He simply recovered the fabric with the protective sheet and was able to come back to it the following day.

After about 15 more minutes, he finished the design. He picked out wood-grain patterned paper to mat it, as you see at the top of the post. 

Trevor and I both love Diamond Dotz and look forward to working on another design. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, it's a great activity to do while chatting or relaxing. We talked about how cool it would be to get one of the large designs and bring it along to our family reunion this summer, where family members could work on it while they catch up and enjoy each other's company. 

We also talked about what a neat birthday gift this would be. At $5 for the starter kits and $8 to $13 for the beginner kits, Diamond Dotz are an affordable gift that would appeal to boys and girls of a variety of ages. In fact, I told the folks at the Diamond Dotz booth that they should add a beginner-level cupcake or balloon or other birthday design and I'd buy one for each of Trevor's friends on their birthdays! I know I'm not the only one who would.


  1. Sound like a fun product that kids would enjoy!

  2. Forget the kids,I want to do this! Thanks for sharing this product, I haven't seen anyone else talk about it.

    1. It's definitely kid-friendly, but just as much fun for adults!

    2. The larger kits are more for adults I would think?

    3. Not necessarily. They're bigger and take longer, but they're not any more difficult. We'll see - my son and I just started a larger one!

  3. Thank you for this wonderful review Cindy!! We truly appreciate it!

  4. I am working on the large Santa - it is beautiful!

  5. Good blog post. I absolutely love this website.

  6. Herrschners also sells them. Just got mine, cant wait to start!


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