Loungy Bun

Steve, Trevor, and I have developed a surprisingly large vocabulary to describe where Trouble is and what he is doing. For example, one of us might ask, "Where's Trouble?" and someone else will answer, "Meatloaf on the noon chair." This means that Trouble is in the dining room, sitting on the dining room chair that is at the head of the table (noon position), and his feet are completely tucked in and not visible, leaving his body looking like a meatloaf. We often announce where he is, even if no one has asked. I'm sure it sounds really bizarre to outsiders, but it's completely normal around here to announce "Square tube bun!" or "Pear box!" completely unsolicited. 

I've tried to photograph Trouble in all his favorite spots doing all his normal behaviors, but it's tricky because it is impossible to sneak up on a rabbit. So every photo of him is with his full knowledge. He often gets up if I'm close enough to photograph him, usually either to come ask for petting or to sniff my camera. But once in a while, he ignores me and lets me snap a photo. I had to scrap this photo of "runway loungy bun." 

Loungy Bun (affiliate link)

Runway refers to the narrow strip of carpet we put along the edge of our hardwood floor to give Trouble better traction for Super Runs. Loungy is our word for when his back feet are straight out behind him and and he relaxes his tail so the grey top portion shows, rather than the cottony white underside. It's a vulnerable position for a prey animal, so it shows that he feels safe and comfortable (but fully alert and not sleepy). It's how he chills out and watches what's going on around him. And it's adorable.


  1. It IS adorable! Love that you have your own "secret language" for your bunny's "adventures"!

  2. I love that you guys have a language just for him!!!! I love this lo too!!!!

  3. Creative in every way. Loved that you documented this.


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