Paint with Plaid Parties

I love the concept behind the paint parties that are so popular right now. What I don't love is the price. I'm a decent painter and could probably be teaching these types of classes (which is basically what I did in my days as a KidzArt instructor), so it's painful to pay $50 to have someone teach me how to paint something I could replicate on my own with supplies I already have on hand.

This is why I am so enamored with Plaid's new Paint with Plaid Parties. Each month, they host live painting instruction. You can paint along with the instructor live, or watch the recorded session later. When Jonna was at our house for her birthday celebration, we painted the Blooming Cactus,

Here are our finished paintings. That's mine on the left and Trevor's on the right:

 This is the instructor's sample:

I asked Steve to take our photo every ten minutes or so while we were painting. Here you can see that we've taped off the pots and are panting the background. We're watching the teacher on my iPad, which I'd propped up on a small box. 

Now we're working on the cactus.

And now we're (almost) done! Jonna and I were done. Trevor ended up painting in the white lines on his pot because he didn't like how stark they were. 

We had a lot of fun painting. I recommend checking out the Paint with Plaid Parties! You can buy all the supplies you need with this affiliate link. Thanks, and have fun!


  1. I've done 2 of those paint classes (haven't spent more than $35 though)and though I enjoy them... I have determined, I CANNOT PAINT! LOL! All your paintings look great!

  2. Those look AWESOME!! I also have wanted to try the paint parties, but don't like their prices -- will have to check these out!!!!


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