Predicting Trends for 2018

In less than a week, I will be headed to Phoenix for the Creativation Show, put on by the Association for Creative Industries. I've literally been counting down the days since arriving home from last year's show. It's an amazing experience.

As usual, I'm going to be busy. I'm registered for 10 classes related to blogging, social media, branding, and crafts. (I'm teaching a class too!) I'm attending a craft blogger meet-up, the New Product Networking event, the Industry and Hall of Fame Awards ceremony, the annual AFCI Business Meeting and Town Hall, the keynote address, the After-Party, and several other events. I'll be in meetings multiple times a day. Between all that, I'll be spending about 24 hours over 3 days on the trade show floor, learning as much as I can about new products and spotting the latest trends in crafting.

I freely admit that I'm not the most super-trendy person ever, but I do love trying to predict and identify craft trends. I've been pouring over the sneak peeks and I'm definitely noticing some colors, techniques, and motifs appearing over and over. 

I made this graphic with PicMonkey, using one of the color combinations I think will trend in 2018. I'm seeing a LOT of blush pink, grey, and navy, often with a watercolor feel. There are a lot of repeated shapes, like the triangles I put in the graphic. Butterflies are everywhere, but for the most part, they are flat and lined up in rows like specimens, rather than in flight.

Here are some other trends I'm seeing:

You'll notice my logo at the bottom right. At first, I put a watermark on the image like I usually do, but I changed it to the logo. While I'm not necessarily predicting that My Creative Life will trend in 2018, I'm certainly hoping it will! 

So what's not there? Chevron. I haven't seen it at all. I haven't seen 2018's Color of the Year either. I don't think it will make the impact in crafting that it might in fashion or home decor. We'll see!

What do you think will trend in 2018? Anything you're expecting (or hoping) to see?


  1. I can be happy that I DO NOT see cacti this year!!! Having one in my front yard is one too many in my opinion! LOL!!! I am also UNHAPPY that pink is on there ... because, you know, Julie and PINK are like peas and carrots - and this is the year that I am SUPPOSED to be DE-STASHING ... not adding to it!! I might have AMAZING will power when it comes to my weight loss, but when there is PINK involved, all goes out the window!! HA!! :)

  2. A llama? I did not see that one coming! I love all of the other trends and look forward to seeing them play out. Congrats on teaching. Your students will be in for a treat, I'm sure. Have a blast and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Happy to still see pennants hanging around, and I'm a big fan of plaid so I hope that never goes away!

  4. Interesting predictions. I love the pink, grey and navy combo.

  5. I’m happy that llamas might be lingering around a bit longer.

  6. I like a lot of your predictions. I love pink and gray together. I also really like navy as an alternative to black. Most I don't mind. I am really not into llamas, lol.


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