Back in June I gave myself six weeks to finish scrapping about our 4-state adventure last October. That meant completing pages about our time in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I decided to do two one-page layouts for Maryland (one for Annapolis and one for Baltimore) and a single two-page spread for Pennsylvania. My self-imposed deadline is fast approaching. So far, Annapolis is in the album.

Annapolis (affiliate link)

We spent only 24 hours in Annapolis, but we packed in a lot! I picked seven photos that represent some of the different things we did. I'm not in any of them. I usually try to make sure each person is shown at least once, but in this case it was more important to me to show the diversity of what we did than to make sure I chose a photo that had me in it. I used first person in my journaling, so that's good enough for me to be represented!

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