Yarn Flower Cards

No matter what craft(s) you do, you probably generate a fair amount of scraps. The eternal debate is what to do with scraps. How small is too small to save? How do you store them? How long do you keep them? And, of course, how will you use them?

My favorite way to use scraps is to make a card.


Yarn Flower Card


  • cardstock, construction paper, or patterned paper (blue, brown)
  • card base
  • scissors
  • yarn (white, yellow, green)
  • craft glue


Cut the blue paper to fit on the card base. 

Spread glue on the paper where you would like the flowers. Starting from the center, coil the yarn into the glue, pressing firmly. You can switch colors like I did, or use a single color. I chose to overlap my flowers for extra dimension. To do this, do the flowers in the background first, then add glue over the portion of those flowers you want covered and make the final flower.

Make the flower stems one of two ways. Either tie a bow in the center of a single piece of green yarn (left) or tie a bow around a separate piece of green yarn (right). I like the right option because you can slide the 'leaves' to the height you want, plus I think the tails of the bows look cute. 

Put a line of glue below each flower and press the stem in place. Trim any extra length. 

Tear a piece of brown paper and glue it at the bottom of the card over the stems of the flowers. Trim the edges flush with the blue paper.

Glue the blue paper to a card base and it's ready to send.

It's easy to adapt this project for a completely different look. Change the colors, reduce or increase the number of flowers, make a horizontal card instead of a vertical one... the possibilities are endless!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh this is fabulous!!! What a great way to use yarn!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  2. So pretty! Great use of scraps!

  3. What a beautiful way to use up your scraps of yarn! Your card is such a pretty work of art!!!

  4. These yarn flower cards are absolutely adorable! 🌸 The combination of colors and textures is so charming. I love how simple and creative this idea is. Can't wait to try making them myself! 🧶💕


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