Steve has many fond memories of the time he spent working as a lifeguard at Camp Pahatsi. The camp is closed now, but it was important to him to introduce us to this area that held so much meaning for him. We stopped there to do some hiking and explore the property. It truly is a special place. 

Pahatsi (affiliate link)

I would love to revisit the camps that were a big part of my childhood, particularly Las Posadas where I was a camp counselor for years. Hopefully someday. For now, I'm glad to have been able to document Pahatsi for Steve. 


  1. Glad he could share a piece of his happy past with you....beautifully documented Cindy! Hope you get to show him your childhood camps too!

  2. That is sad that the camp is gone now, but glad you were still able to visit the area! LOVING how you did the title!!!!


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