Exploring Texas Through Little Passports

Our next Little Passports adventure took Trevor and me on a virtual trip to Texas. We learned so much about the Lone Star State! Trevor started by building a model of the Alamo. 

We completed a challenging cattle counting activity to learn a fun fact about Texas. Then we followed the directions to draw a longhorn steer. That's mine on the top (looking a little slender) and Trevor's below. 

And speaking of Longhorns, next Trevor solved a maze inspired by the Texas Longhorns football team. Twelve years old and Trevor still LOVES mazes

We were delighted to see an activity based on the the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, the site of largest urban colony of Mexican free-tailed bats in the United States. We have many fond memories of watching our local bat flyout last summer. I'd love to see the bats' flight in Austin. Someday! I can only imagine what seeing over a million bats must be like. I know that 250,000 was pretty spectacular!

We did an activity about the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, then did a hidden picture activity based on the Fort Worth Rodeo. We did a word search featuring some fun place names in Texas. Did you know that Noodle, Tarzan, Egypt, and Bigfoot are all cities in Texas? I didn't!

Trevor and I read about famous events in Texas history. Then we did an activity together featuring memorable events from our family's history. Finally, we did the cooking project - Pan de Campo. This 'camp bread' is similar to a biscuit and was absolutely delicious served with Taco Soup!

Trevor and I had great fun exploring the Lone Star State through Little Passports. Tomorrow I'll show you the craft we did based on Texas' state flower. 


  1. How fun!!! Adam has been living there now for the past few years and he has a love/hate relationship with where he is! LOL!! We have visited the Alamo before when I was pregnant with Brookie, but we didn't go in! HA!!! I am sure that it has to do with not mentioning brands, but I was surprised to read they didn't mention Whataburger, since Corpus Christi is the birthplace of it. They have a HUGE one down there! :)

    1. I'm sure you're right. None of the Little Passports state journals have mentioned brands. I've never had Whataburger, so I've made a mental note to try it in Texas. :)


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